Astrocyte School

Bertinoro, Italy
10-16 April 2016



The International Astrocyte School is aimed at all those who are attracted by the most intriguing hypotheses on the role of astrocytes in brain function and wish to learn how to best approach these problems. The school, with its strategy of disseminating state-of-the-art knowledge, is especially targeted at young scientists beginning their careers in this field, but is also open to senior scientists wishing to refresh their glial background.

Gliotransmission in health and disease

A hallmark of our School is the debate of intriguing concepts, often with contradictory data in current literature. One of the aims of the School is to critically evaluate the available data and possible interpretations, following rigorous and unbiased scientific approaches. Every year, the IAS Agora brings students and faculty together to discuss selected themes, in an open and informal fashion (when possible in the beautiful context of an open-air amphitheatre).

Agora session

Faculty 2016

Alfonso Araque, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Giorgio Carmignoto, Padua, Italy
Elly Hol, Utrecht, Netherlands
Frank Kirchhoff, Homburg, Germany
Giovanni Marsicano, Bordeaux, France
Eric Newman, Minneapolis, MN, USA
João Filipe Oliveira, Braga, Portugal
Gian Michele Ratto, Pisa, Italy
Richard Robitaille, Montréal, QC, Canada
Dmitri Rusakov, London, United Kingdom
Sebastien Thuault, New York, NY, USA
Marie-Ève Tremblay, Quebec, QC, Canada

Past editions of the School

IAS 2015Gliotransmission in the normal and diseased brain (12-18 April 2015)

IAS 2014Heterogeneity of Astrocytes and Gliotransmission (6-12 April 2014)

IAS 2013Gliotransmission in the brain network (17-23 March 2013)

IAS 2012Gliotransmission in neurovascular coupling and the brain network (25-31 March 2012)

IAS 2011Gliotransmission in the brain network Methodological approaches to study gliotransmission Functional significance of gliotransmission (27 March - 3 April 2011)


Applications: 15 January 2016
Applications are now closed

Notification of selections:
22 January 2016

All applicatants have been notified
of the selection results

Selected applicants must confirm their acceptance by:
29 January 2016

Payment: 26 February 2016

Executive Board

Alfonso Araque
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Giorgio Carmignoto
Padua, Italy

Richard Robitaille
Montréal, QC, Canada

Paulo Magalhães
Padua, Italy

With the support of

Leica Nikon